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turned tragic. take a look at a picture, 59-year-old charles quaid 6 richmond. he and his wife had come down here. take a look at video from yesterday's search for quaid. he and his wife and the dog were here. sneaker wave dragged her out. he rescued her, but the dog then got dragged out. he went and rescued the dog and he got dragged out and he never came back. the dog and his wife are okay. they say they were out here yesterday and they know it was bad. take a listen. >> the tide was coming in so we didn't stick around too long down there. definitely be more cautious about getting too close to the waves. >> reporter: some tips how to
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avoid sneaker waves u don't know they are coming. here is what you don't want to do. never turn your back on the surf especially right here at point reyes beach. waves are always wild. the warning signs out here. don't go into the surf. best to avoid it and don't turn your back on it and avoid slippery rocks and logs and debris. the husband of the woman we interviewed says he was out on a rock yesterday. he was absolutely dry, well above where the water had been going, all of a sudden the water came up and there were three feet of water below him. he decided it was time to get out of there. same can't be said more quaid of richmond that -- mr. quaid of richmond. f you still have to be aware of the water.
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>> we have breaking news, crews are working to fix three ruptured water mains in the east bay. two of the pipes broke in berkeley and another sprang a leak in west view drive. take a look at east bay mud crews at camilia and seventh street where a six-inch main broke. another smaller pipe, one and a half inch service line ruptured at high land place near the north side. that happened around 8:30. right now, crews are working to repair a busted water main in hayward. until they do, homes and businesses are without water. the road was underwater and has the flooding been stopped. >> the gushing of water has been stopped but look at the heavy equipment blocking the intersection. a traffic back-up.
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santa clara street is full of cars, they only have one lane to use and creating problem for homes and businesses. >> a 195812 inch water main broke. >> the soil is saturated but there is con fraction of the soil and that causes old mains to break sometimes. >> police shut down lanes at jackson and santa clara streets and all but one lane of the exit ramp of eastbound i-92. that meant no water for hundreds of people living nearby. >> go to the restroom and go to flush and there is no water. go to wash my hands, there is no water. >> she has bottled water to help get her through the day but she may head to the son's home for a
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shower. >> the nation's restaurant closed down because lack of water. this gas station is open but obviously can't use the carwash. >> it's been very slow. no water coming out. bathroom, there is no flushing going on. >> number one priority is to restore water to those residents and businesses. we think that it is going to take several hours. >> they not only to have repair the pipe but the pressure of all the water lifted the asphalt. they hope to get it done by the end of day but they are worried about the evening commute. they want to open up this exit ramp on highway 92 fully by the time people come home from work. they are hoping to get it done by the afternoon commute but they have a lot to do.
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>> kristen: thank you. happening right now in santa clara county, a landslide has closed one lane of highway 17 through los gatos. this is happening on southbound 17 between redwood estates and summit road. it has shut down one of the two southbound lanes. the other is still open. >> it certainly was cold out this morning in the bay area. >> frosty is the word, right? it covered parked cars in many communities including in marin and sonoma counties. mike nicco is checking on the forecast. >> this was the coldest morning we're going to have going forward. here is a look at conditions. live doppler 7-hd. no radar returns. very dry air and lack of cloud cover allowed the temperatures drop down this morning. napa is 26, 27 at fairfield. 29 at concord and livermore.
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30 at los gatos. then we had frosty spots the peninsula but technically it's 36 in redwood city and 42 in san francisco. other big story, spare the air, not only today but also tomorrow. you can see poor air quality in the north bay and in the south bay. that is going to last for about another day. so no burning of wood. we have breaking news, sheriffs officials are searching in central california for missing helicopter. it was returning to an airport in kern county when it disappeared around 6:15 this morning. it was one of three helicopters doing frost control to protect crops. two others returned to their base. one of the pilots who came back was unable to contact the missing pilot by radio. the financial mood of the country takes a dramatic turn this morning after the president and congress reached a last
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minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. stocks are sharply up on this day of trading. the dow is up over 217 points. analysts warn the feeling could change quickly because the budget deal leaves many questions unresolved. >> reporter: neither party was really happy with the deal. many lawmakers are saying it was just a first step and it means in the next couple of steps they will be that much more difficult. >> the stock market surged as wall street reacted. late last night congress finally sent president obama legislation. >> this law is just one step in the broader effort to strengthen our economy and broaden opportunity for everybody. >> but at one point it looked like the deal could fall apart. >> there is some on spending
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cuts and we are adding to the debt. >> what we are doing is raising taxes to give the president more money to spend. >> some republicans were pushing to john boehner to add spending cuts but there weren't enough votes to get it passed. so they extended tax cuts for all workers for all those under $400,000 and extended unemployment benefits for some two million people. but the payroll tax expired so increase on salaries by 2% every worker up to $110,000 a year. then the stuff it didn't do. congress set up new ones, in just two months they will need to deal with the automatic spending cuts and nasty fight over the debt ceiling. last night president obama declared he is not willing to
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debate congress on the borrowing limit. >> we can't not pay bills that we have already incurred. >> president obama said if congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling the consequences for the global economy would be catastrophic far worse than any fiscal cliff. another high profile vote could come towed. this morning president obama told house republicans they should vote now on hurricane sandy aid, quote, without delay. this has new york lawmakers chastised house republicans for deciding to put the vote off for a few months. people in the region are still trying to recover with the worst winter months still ahead. the senate approved a $60 billion measure friday while a house committee drafted a bill about half that size. students from sandy hook elementary got a sneak peek at the campus where they will go back to school tomorrow.
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an open house was held this morning at a school in nearby monroe. they have refurbished it and making the classrooms look just like those in sandy hooks. they brought in desks and backpacks to make the kids feel at home. >> prince william had to go away from his family for. she is back in the picture of courage. first time on tv since bei
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while most of world celebrated the arrival of the new year the prince will yamd serve as a rescue pilot. his unit got call 15 minutes into the new year to help find a man that was swept to sea while walking his dog on a pier in england. the chopper crew braved 50 mile-an-hour winds. >> at least make a difference to someone. they are in trouble, you try to get there. >> his wife was celebrating with her family and they eventually called off the search for the man. viewers are amazed at
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hannah's come back at rose parade. it was a few weeks she was severely burned at her home. >> on december 11th, espn she was making dinner at her home. she lifted the burners on pro obtain gear and the wind had blown out the fire. >> so i turned the gas off. i went to re-ignite and there was an explosion. >> hannah told the story on gma today. co-hosting the event was first time back. she suffered first-degree burns on her neck and face and second-degree burns on her injured left hand. it also singed her hair. >> i spent an hour in makeup and i have false eyelashes. this is all fake hair.
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as the hard road for burn victims. i was by far the most fortunate person in my burn unit. >> it should serve as a safety unit that anyone that uses propane gear. pro obtain gas sat on top of the grill instead of being blown by the wind. wait until 15 minutes before relighting a grill to make sure all the gas has dissipated. >> she hopes to be back this sunday but she will wait to see how she feelings this week. >> she looks great. mike nicco taking a look at forecast which has been really cold in the morning. >> very cold and that is going to continue for a few of us. the rest of us, a warming trend during the afternoon but as we head into the next couple of mornings. we'll talk about how the storm system will get close to the bay area and may put showers into the weekend forecast.
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>> and looking forward to doing something with the kids? two great reasons to go to san francisco's exploratorium. >> and snow survey underway, first of this winter season, all signs point to big numbers.
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today the last chance to visit a san francisco institution and best part is, it's free. exploratorium has out grown its home so after today the exhibits will be packed up and moved to pier 15 on the embarcadero right across from the abc7 studios. it opened in 1969 and was one of the first hands on museums in the country. they are scheduled to reopen in april at the new location. >> state water officials are taking the snow survey. electron i can measurements indicated that it's 146% of normal. it accounts for a third of the state water supply.
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early season storms have replenty issued rest -- remen dishes reservoirs. >> and the snow is great. skiing is fantastic right now up in tahoe. >> i haven't heard anybody complain that has come back. >> we're about 48% of snow for the entire year but it will be dry month. it has been. 2013, a lot of sunshine, also a lot of haze out there. high pressure and sinking air and the lid on the atmosphere keeping the fine particulate matter in the lower levels. we look back towards mount diablo. we look back to the mountains and hills and valleys where some of the coldest weather was this morning. let's go ahead with live
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doppler. you can see how quiet the weather is. picking up dry air and not a single cloud to be found on the radar right now. as far as the entire state, check that out. entire state is under high pressure and if you are traveling anywhere you won't have any issues. temperatures running from fairfield at 45 to half moon bay pushing at 60. most of us are in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. we have temperatures around 46 in santa cruz and 48 at gi8 roy. here is what i'm thinking for the forecast cycle, spare the air today and tomorrow, no burning of wood. slightly warmer thursday into friday. that includes the morning and into the afternoon hours. showers i think right now the system will get close enough to put them in the ocean but the area of high pressure will block it from coming in. we may just see extra clouds with slightly cooler weather.
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low to mid 50s is what we're dealing with and low 50s out at the coast. upper 50s around the monterey bay with mid to upper 50s as you head inland. still 20s to be found tonight and 30s inland. mainly 30s around the bay. 43 in san francisco and temperatures will be about 2-35 degrees warmer than this morning. one the -- 2-5 degrees warmer. noticed how the clouds are edging ever so closer but that is just enough to keep a deep freeze from developing. high pressure is making that sharp left-hand turn and then send it right up to the arctic circle. it's gathering colder air and sending off in the eastern part of the states. we're going to be dry just about every day and mid to warmer. mid to upper 50s tomorrow. then you see the next cities will drop our temperatures a
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little bit saturday and showers while the showers stay over the ocean. then more sunshine and more of us will run for 60 degrees and dry all seven days. >> entering a dry period for a while. thank you. coming up next, a double bundle of joy. >> amazing circumstances of these two babies born just hours
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coming up at 3:00, on katie, go inside her home. then at 4:00, why too many doctors could be bad news for patients. and at 5:00, learning new details about the secret life of
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man killed in a home invasion. those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. >> finally this morning, a pair of identical twin sisters have more in common rather than sharing a birthday. >> they both gave birth to sons on new year's day. >> they had their boys ten hours apart in akron, ohio. the same doctor delivered both boys. the cousin's grandmother say they already have plenty of gifts beneath the christmas gift. >> i bet. >> exactly the same age. >> thanks for joining us. b
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[c [dramatic music] ♪ >> thank you, guys. [laughs] hi. [smooching] >> you look fabulous. >> no, you're fabulous. >> no, you do. look at you. >> you. hello, and welcome to millionaire. well, if today's first contestant doesn't win a lot o money here on money here on millionaire, she can probably earn some serious cash working as a lookalike for liza minnelli. >> oh, my goodness. >> from long beach, mississippi, please welcome deborah bishop. hi, deborah. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> well, you do bear a striking resemblance. resemblance. do you get mistaken for her a lot? >> oh, wait, let me tell you the story. >> okay. >> i was in new orleans, and it was on halloween, and i had on an off-the-shoulder sequin dress

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